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Our Hot Air Lance is a High Temperature, High Velocity, Flameless Heat Lance that will easily remove vegetation and flash dry moisture from the pavement allowing the .

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A mixture of propane gas and compressed air creates an exhaust gas of around 1000 degrees C removing …

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LAB Heat Lances burn vapor propane and mix it with super heated compressed air in a specially designed and pantented combustion chamber. High velocity hot air is .

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The Somerford HCA Lance kit uses a mixture of propane gas and compressed air for the removal of thermoplastic markings, surface drying, joint preparation and retexturing.

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Hot Air Lance Equipment: Heat Lances and Preparation are the keys to successful crack sealing. Preparation of pavement cracks is an important step in successful .

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Heat Lance for Asphalt Crack Cleaning in asphalt pavement. Hot Air Lance. Crack Cleaning Equipment

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LA*B heat lances are the perfect tool to properly prepare pavement cracks and joints prior to sealant installation. The lances produce high velocity hot air that .

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EAGER-A1200 Crack sealing machine integrates the necessary functions all-in-one, self-propelled and trailer dual use type. . 9.Vehicle-mounted Hot Compressed Air Lance

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